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It happens all of the time, out of the blue someone gets broken up with. Sometimes it's no big deal, because the person who was broken up with can move on or wasn't expecting too much from the relationship in the first place, but other times it can be devastating because the person thought that this person was their soul mate and they would be together for the rest of their lives. If someone breaks up with someone who thought they were in the perfect relationship it can change their life forever, especially if it was a long-term relationship. So if you want to fight for your relationship, and learn how to get your ex back you should check out my review.


Their are many things that you shouldn't do when someone breaks up with you such as don't try to make them jealous, or get angry or even desperate around them, but let's talk about some things that you can do in order to attract them back into your life.


Think About What Attracted Your Ex When You Met

Unfortunately, may people will get comfortable in a relationship over time, and will eventually stop trying to be attractive to their ex. This not only goes for the way a person looks, but it also goes for things such as life goals, ambition, or even a passion for life. Think about how you were when you and your ex first met. Obviously they were attracted to you once, so getting there again shouldn't be too hard. Have you changed since the good ol' days? Is you appearance different? Are you no longer taking care of yourself like you were when you first met your ex. Or maybe your goals have changed. Many people are attracted to a “go getter” or someone who knows what they want in life and goes after it, and if you were once that way, but changed, this can be a good reason why your ex has broken up with you. If you were someone who was constantly trying to make improvements in your life be it career wise, education wise, or even fitness wise, and you changed that could also be a reason why your ex no longer want to be with you.


Take a moment and think to yourself about the situation. How would you feel if you were in your ex's shoes? Sometimes this is all you need to realize that you have changed, and by making those changes it can most times get your ex back into your life. The question is, are you committed to making the changes? If the relationship doesn't mean that much to you then you may wish to move on. If you need to learn how to get them back, you'll need to be patient.


Self Improvement

As we discussed above, many times we fall into a rut and change. We are no longer the person who our ex fell in love with, and this can be a big problem. Analyzing your life is the key to your happiness in this situation, because you may very well find that you aren't happy with the person you have become either. Improving yourself can make you more attractive, and it can also make you more confident in yourself, which is another attractive quality.